Fashion on Campus

I transferred to the University of Georgia from Augusta State University. What a big difference between the two schools! Augusta State has about 6,700 students that attend, while UGA has around 35,000 (That is almost five and a half times the amount of ASU)! The students dress somewhat different as well; at ASU most students dress to impress in class but at UGA a large number of students dress in what would equate to work-out wear. They dress down to class but dress up Thursday nights or whenever they go out. Of course there are always outliers, but I have observed this simply by looking around me and talking to other students. My best friend started her college career as a freshman at UGA and she told me before I started classes here “do not dress up because people will think you are a freshman.” “Excuse me, WHAT!” I thought it was so bizarre at first and followed the ‘dress-down rule’ for my first few months, but now I just do what I want; if I feel like looking cute in class I dress up and if not I don’t!

Another thing I was surprised about when I started at UGA was the large number of  fashion design and fashion merchandising majors I met. Augusta State did not have this option and if I did not already have my mind set on being a speech therapist, I would switch majors! Something I think more UGA students need to know about is that the fashion design and merchandising students started their own business! It is called Couture a-la-Cart. Couture a-la-Cart is a pop-up kiosk type store that sells items handmade by UGA students with the funds benefiting the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at UGA.

Couture a-la-Cart also sells necklaces made by children in an orphanage in Uganda, with all funds profiting the children in the orphanage. They are open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-3pm in front of Dawson Hall. They are staffed by fashion design/merchandising majors with Professor Emily Blalock overseeing their efforts. The students that run the business say they want to get the word out about the cart and they hope to travel to other locations around campus. Couture a-la-Cart frequently updates their Facebook page for new arrivals and new campus locations.

One of the designers-Madison M

Trendy Earrings at the Cart

Cute Tanks at Couture a-la-cart


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