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I have been a member of Pinterest for sometime now, but a few months ago after seeing these layouts on Pinterest, I discovered Polyvore. Polyvore is ‘the web’s largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world.’ So that doesn’t really explain it huh? Polyvore for me is basically like playing with paper dolls when I was little, except this version is WAY cooler!

With Polyvore you can ‘clip’ items from your favorite fashion sites online and import them or you can use clothes that have already been uploaded. You can start with a template or create your own ‘set’. Creating a set basically means you are putting together an outfit. You can add shirts/dresses, pants/skirts, shoes, jackets, and of course accessories into your template and create looks that you love! It really is harder to describe than it is to do, but if you are a woman or man who loves clothing and you love Pinterest I would encourage you to check Polyvore out! It only takes about a minute or two to sign up, but beware: it is addicting!

Here is a set. I also posted one of my newest sets directly from Polyvore’s website onto WordPress in my “Take me to the beach” post.

I want to wrap up this post by highlighting a local store. Unlike all of the other stores I have previously mentioned, this store is not downtown. The store I want to share with you is Entourage Clothing & Gifts! Entourage is located on the corner of South Milledge Avenue and Macon Highway. One of the best things about this store is that it is convenient! It does not have the traffic that downtown Athens does and you do not have to worry about paying for parking! Another great thing about Entourage that most of the downtown boutiques lack–space! You don’t feel like you are in the way of other customers while you are shopping and there are plenty of dressing rooms! Entourage also has a huge selection of amazingly cute clothes for great prices! While in Entourage customers can sign up to be part of their customer rewards program. It is free and all they need is your name, number, and email address. Customers who sign up for this (like me) can receive exclusive texts and emails to let them know about special sales (only for the rewards customers). I would definitely recommend this store to any girl. They have something for every occasion (formals, job interviews, going out, and just hanging out) and it is convenient!


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