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I have been a member of Pinterest for sometime now, but a few months ago after seeing these layouts on Pinterest, I discovered Polyvore. Polyvore is ‘the web’s largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world.’ So that doesn’t really explain it huh? Polyvore for me is basically like playing with paper dolls when I was little, except this version is WAY cooler!

With Polyvore you can ‘clip’ items from your favorite fashion sites online and import them or you can use clothes that have already been uploaded. You can start with a template or create your own ‘set’. Creating a set basically means you are putting together an outfit. You can add shirts/dresses, pants/skirts, shoes, jackets, and of course accessories into your template and create looks that you love! It really is harder to describe than it is to do, but if you are a woman or man who loves clothing and you love Pinterest I would encourage you to check Polyvore out! It only takes about a minute or two to sign up, but beware: it is addicting!

Here is a set. I also posted one of my newest sets directly from Polyvore’s website onto WordPress in my “Take me to the beach” post.

I want to wrap up this post by highlighting a local store. Unlike all of the other stores I have previously mentioned, this store is not downtown. The store I want to share with you is Entourage Clothing & Gifts! Entourage is located on the corner of South Milledge Avenue and Macon Highway. One of the best things about this store is that it is convenient! It does not have the traffic that downtown Athens does and you do not have to worry about paying for parking! Another great thing about Entourage that most of the downtown boutiques lack–space! You don’t feel like you are in the way of other customers while you are shopping and there are plenty of dressing rooms! Entourage also has a huge selection of amazingly cute clothes for great prices! While in Entourage customers can sign up to be part of their customer rewards program. It is free and all they need is your name, number, and email address. Customers who sign up for this (like me) can receive exclusive texts and emails to let them know about special sales (only for the rewards customers). I would definitely recommend this store to any girl. They have something for every occasion (formals, job interviews, going out, and just hanging out) and it is convenient!


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Take me to the beach

Take me to the beach

Take me to the beach by mchafin featuring ruffle tops

Carven silk dress
$780 – net-a-porter.com

Lilly Pulitzer ruffle top
$168 – simplysoles.com

Lilly Pulitzer wedge sandals
$268 – simplysoles.com

Lilly Pulitzer jewelry
$58 – lillypulitzer.com

Lilly Pulitzer retro sunglasses
$125 – zappos.com

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Let’s go shopping!!!

I mentioned earlier that Athens is unlike any other town I have ever been to. The town has so much charm. Some students may think that downtown Athens is just a place to go party and get drunk, but all students should definitely visit downtown during the day. It is a totally different atmosphere! In my post today I am going to highlight two stores that I adore.

The first store that I visit frequently is Pitaya. Pitaya is located at 282 East Clayton Street near Mellow Mushroom. Although Pitaya is not unique to Athens (they have locations all around the United States), they still stock items that are sure to make you stand out. The store itself has a charming, boutique feel about it that is hard to duplicate. The staff is always super helpful and I love checking out their new clothes! All clothing items with Pitaya’s label sewn in are made in the United States (This is a wonderful thing, as it puts money back into our own economy!). All UGA girls should check out Pitaya! The clothes are affordable and stylish too (What a great combo for college students)!

The next store in downtown Athens that I love is Heery’s Clothes Closet. Heery’s is located on the corner of College Ave. and Clayton Street, and this store has been a staple in Athens for many years! They opened in 1959 and they are just as popular with students as they are with adults! For those of you on a tight budget you might want to just window shop because Heery’s carries some popular ‘luxury’ brands with ‘luxury’ price tags including: Tibi, Lilly Pulitzer, Marc Jacobs, BCBG, Tory Burch, DVF, Longchamp, and many more! They also carry the latest collection of Vera Bradley. I have gotten quite a few purses at Heery’s and love them all! I have also purchased a few formal dresses at Heery’s, and my latest purchase-a Lily Pulitzer Easter dress (cannot wait to wear it)!

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Fashion on Campus

I transferred to the University of Georgia from Augusta State University. What a big difference between the two schools! Augusta State has about 6,700 students that attend, while UGA has around 35,000 (That is almost five and a half times the amount of ASU)! The students dress somewhat different as well; at ASU most students dress to impress in class but at UGA a large number of students dress in what would equate to work-out wear. They dress down to class but dress up Thursday nights or whenever they go out. Of course there are always outliers, but I have observed this simply by looking around me and talking to other students. My best friend started her college career as a freshman at UGA and she told me before I started classes here “do not dress up because people will think you are a freshman.” “Excuse me, WHAT!” I thought it was so bizarre at first and followed the ‘dress-down rule’ for my first few months, but now I just do what I want; if I feel like looking cute in class I dress up and if not I don’t!

Another thing I was surprised about when I started at UGA was the large number of  fashion design and fashion merchandising majors I met. Augusta State did not have this option and if I did not already have my mind set on being a speech therapist, I would switch majors! Something I think more UGA students need to know about is that the fashion design and merchandising students started their own business! It is called Couture a-la-Cart. Couture a-la-Cart is a pop-up kiosk type store that sells items handmade by UGA students with the funds benefiting the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at UGA.

Couture a-la-Cart also sells necklaces made by children in an orphanage in Uganda, with all funds profiting the children in the orphanage. They are open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-3pm in front of Dawson Hall. They are staffed by fashion design/merchandising majors with Professor Emily Blalock overseeing their efforts. The students that run the business say they want to get the word out about the cart and they hope to travel to other locations around campus. Couture a-la-Cart frequently updates their Facebook page for new arrivals and new campus locations.

One of the designers-Madison M

Trendy Earrings at the Cart

Cute Tanks at Couture a-la-cart

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Trendsetter? Spring 2012

It is the last day of March and Easter is just around the corner. Spring to me means flowers blooming, temperatures rising, and most exciting…new clothing! Although I am living in Athens for school, my permanent home is in Augusta, Georgia, the home of The Masters golf tournament. It is common for Augusta residents to rent out their homes for the week of Masters to out-of-towners who are attending the golf tournament. Why am I telling you this? Every spring around this time I am forced to clean out my closet and drawers and donate or sell any clothes that I do not wear.

Although this seems like a daunting task at first I am always pleased with the amount of money I get by selling my clothes to local consignment shops, and of course the cleanliness of my closet! This year I made a nice chunk of change off my clothes, and while I plan to save some of the money, I am definitely going on a shopping spree for spring/summer clothing!

I am excited to buy some of Spring 2012s trends! The following are some of this season’s trends according to Glamour Magazine. Color-blocking is trend number one. Try wearing tops or dresses with bright color-blocking; it is suggested that no more than 3 colors are worn together. The next trend is bold prints such as oversize florals, mirror like geometric shapes, and even bird prints. The color family trending this spring is the orange family specifically tangerines, and corals.  Pastels are another color family that is popular this season. Glamour states, “Spring’s sweet sorbet shades and pastel hues give off a low-key, ladylike vibe.” Finally, a design that was made popular in the 1940s and then again in the 1980s, the peplum skirt, dresses, and tops. This design is defined by a short flared ruffle that sits at the natural waist. All these trends are pictured below!

Although something is popular does not mean it is for all women. For example a woman should proportion the prints she wears to the size of her frame (If she is a bigger woman she can wear larger prints, a smaller woman should wear smaller prints). Also women with fairer skin like myself, cannot always wear the colors that are trending because they will wash us out.

Color Blocking

Bold Prints

Orange Family



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Passion for Fashion

I am an only child and the first granddaughter on both sides of my family, so saying I have been spoiled over the years is a bit of an understatement! I would consider myself a shopaholic and I definitely have a passion for fashion!  In Merriam Webster’s dictionary  passion is defined as ardent affection; a strong desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. That definitely describes my feelings towards fashion. I find myself constantly shopping-either in store or online. I also can be found reading the latest issue of ELLE, Vogue, and Glamour magazines for inspiration for the newest trends.!

I am a student at the University of Georgia and I moved to Athens, Georgia, during the summer of 2011. I have only been living here for a little less than a year now, and I can already say that Athens is a totally different town than anywhere I have ever lived. Like any town, there are different groups of people who all have different styles, but the people and the town have an overall trendy feel. And that is one of the reasons I have fallen in love with this place!

I will use this blog to discuss many aspects of fashion. I will mention trends that I love and trends that I could live without. I also am going to use this blog to highlight some of the local stores I have come to love over the past year. This first store is one I cannot live without. I find myself daily checking their Facebook page and their website for their newest additions. The store is The Red Dress Boutique  located in downtown Athens on College Avenue next to Five Guys. Red Dress is owned by Josh and Diana Harbour, both are University of Georgia graduates.

The Red Dress carries a variety of brands many of their pieces are affordable, but there are some items that are above this college student’s budget. They stock staple items like dark wash jeans, and white button up shirts, but they also stock trendy items such as colored jeans and pastel pleated skirts. Every time I wear something from Red Dress I receive endless compliments. Whether online or in person this store is one that all women should check out!

Some of my Red Dress favorites  

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